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"Over the years, as I cared for patients with a broad range of abdominal surgical problems, I’ve treated many suffering from abdominal wall hernias including some with abdominal fistulas.

For some the problem was a recurring one. They had undergone an operation, but weren’t cured; their complex hernias and fistulas persisted and their surgeons told them to leave well-enough alone.  

In some cases I felt that these patients had been given good advice but in other cases I was able to intervene and cure them.

Abdominal wall problems can be complex. The treatment may be time and labor intensive, sometimes requiring multiple procedures. The operations can be technically difficult and fraught with possible complications. Judgment is critical. Some surgeons may feel they lack the needed skills or they may decide they do not want to invest the time and effort these cases require.

I believe such patients deserve better.”  

Norman Sas, MD - Founder, Riverdale Hernia Center

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